Carburetor cleaning


In most cases, cleaning (and replacing minor parts) is all that is required to restore a malfunctioning carburetor back to proper operation.  In we remove the carburetor from the machine and disassemble it.  We then use carburetor cleaner and compressed air to clean all the small ports, passageways and jets.  At that point we replace any minor parts (gaskets, o-rings, seat, needle, float etc…usually less than $10) that are damaged or worn.  We then reassemble the carburetor and reinstall it on the machine.


Sometimes, rebuilding is the best way to restore the carburetor to proper function.  Rebuilding is very similar to the cleaning process.  However, in addition to cleaning the carburetor completely, we use a “kit” supplied by the manufacturer to replace all the potential wear items inside the carburetor (usually less than $25).

Usually, we rebuild the carburetor when cleaning is only partially successful and/or when a replacement carburetor is too expensive.


When cleaning doesn’t yield an acceptable result, we will usually recommend a carburetor replacement.  We also go this route when a replacement carburetor is relatively inexpensive and available.  The price for an new carburetor usually runs between $45 and $125 + installation ($55-$85).


Regardless of the solution we recommend (cleaning, rebuild, replacement), we always drain and thoroughly clean the gas tank and gas line.  We completely remove debris, water or other contaminants using shop towels and compressed air.








Clean gas tank and gas line

plus parts & tax-5