Miscellaneous repair


Please call for pricing on these items.  This is only a partial list.  If you don’t see your specific repair item, call us and we will discuss it with you.

  • Pulley replacement
  • Rider mower battery replacement
  • Arbor replacement
  • Welding
  • Pull cord repair/replace
  • Transmission replacement
  • Clean gas tank and gas lines (incorrect fuel, water, etc…)
  • Remove/replace mower deck
  • Install snow plow blade, chains, weights
  • Winterize machines
  • Summerize machines
  • Tire repair/replace
  • Etc…

We don’t repair major internal engine damage.  Unfortunately, this is beyond our scope as a mobile repair company.  We can test and evaluate major damage and usually give you an estimate on how much it would be to repair the damage.  We can help you decide if the repair would be worth pursuing or if it is time to replace the equipment.

We also don’t work on motorcycles, ATVs or boats…sorry about that.





Varies.  We can provide general pricing by phone.