String trimmer

String trimmers, leaf blowers, small “Mantis type” tillers

This is a difficult category for us.  These are relatively simple machines and therefore not particularly complicated to repair, however, they are notoriously unreliable.  Even after a tune-up, it is not uncommon for this type of machine to run properly for several uses and then experience problems.  Additionally, because they are relatively inexpensive to purchase (especially on the second hand market), the cost of repair often exceeds the value of the machine.  Because of these factors, our official policy concerning these machines is:

As a courtesy to our customers, if we are already on site to service another piece of equipment, we would be happy to look at and perform minor repairs on string trimmers, leaf blowers and small “Mantis type” tillers.

Often times we can get the equipment started for you by making adjustments to the carburetor or other controls.  We can also lube cables, change or clean the spark plug, clean the air filter and change the fuel.



Varies, ask technician for quote at time of service